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Mens watch
Waterproof up to 10 bar
Date display
Target group: Mens
housing diameter: 49 mm
Shape: Round
Housing color: Silver
Glass: Mineral crystal
Material: Stainless steel
Display: Analog
Dial color: Silver
Digits: Arabic
Band colour: Black
Band material: Textile
Clasp: Buckle clasp
Drive: Battery (quartz)
Functions: Date display
Luminescent numeral
Time zones
Since the going theory stipulates that the earth is not flat and the sun is not the sun-god Ra in his golden chariot, but that we actually live on a ball of dirt flying around a star, it is obvious that the daytime will never be the same on any two points of different longitude at any given time. Now if you were going to be precise, then you are actually in a different time of day than your neighbours to the east and west of you. But that would be splitting hairs, or would it? Anyways, important people decided a long time ago that for practicalities sake, they would divide the globe into 24 time zones that are one hour apart. Of course one had to find a compromise between geographical position and national borders in order for ordinary life to function. Since the industrial revolution, people adhering to the same principles of time measurement have become essential to the workings of our society. But you will find that every so often a time zone will shift in order to make life easier or more profitable in one country or region. For example the UK is considering not of moving to a different time zone, that would be rubbish of course, since they invented it, but of adopting “double summer time” in one year and then only going back one hour at the end of it. This would effectively put them in the same time zone as the rest of Europe.
/ World time
Water tightness or impermeability, surprisingly enough, is the degree to which you can expose your watch to the element water. A watch can be water repellent to a variety of degrees, from surviving the odd splash, to keeping the watch fully functioning long after your crushed body has hit the ocean floor. Please note that these are always theoretical values. Water behaves very differently at different temperatures and with varying salinity. So we took our crayons and made you this rough guide (which, by the way, is in no way legally binding and we will not be held accountable for your watch if you ruin it):


FYI: 10m is 1 bar is (roughly) 33 ft is (exactly) 0.986923267 atm
10 bar


5.0 of 5.0 (1)


Ich finde diese Uhr sehr schön, sie ist recht groß hat gute 5cm im Durchmesser. Allerdings ist das Zifferblatt selber deutlich kleiner, da die Lünette recht briet ist. Die Uhr ist batteriebetrieben und läuft sehr genau. Die Uhr hat ein Textilarmband mit Lederschlaufen und lederverstärkten Dornenlöchern. Die Zeiger haben eine selbstleuchtende Leuchtmasse und die Uhr ist bis zu 100m wasserdicht. D bei dem Glas handelt es sich um ein robustes Mineralglas. Schon besonders ist die ungewöhnliche Position der Datumsanzeige, sie befindet sich auf 8 Uhr. Wirklich besonders ist aber die Möglichkeit sich eine zweite Weltzeit anzeigen zu lassen. Dazu einfach die Zeitzone mit Hilfe des extra Zeigers über die Krone auswählen und anzeigen lassen. Auch noch ist es möglich über den Knopf unterhalb der Krone die Sommerzeit ein- bzw. abzustellen. Sehr praktisch. All diese Funktionen gibt es zu einem guten Preis, von daher ist mir die Kaufentscheidung recht leicht gefallen!

Ficht (male, 26)
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