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  • No proccesing fees
  • No residual debt insurance
  • No lengthy confirmation of identity
  • The first installment of 25% keeps cheaters away and is an affordable hire-purchase for honest customers.
  • Monthly rate by bank collection. Free decision whithin hours after online-entry.

Hire-purchase calculator

The hire-purchase-calculator shows you the permanent monthly rate and the financial costs for an hire-purchase according to the chosen product.

Finance example
effective interest per annum 9.9%
term time 6 Months
Price incl. delivery costs €199.00
percentual first installment 25%
netto credit €149.25
Residual debt insurance 0 €
interes per month 9.48% €0.70
hire-purchase price €153.42
credit costs €4.17
Payment schedule
6 monthly rates at €25.57 ex 01.10.2019
Herrenuhr Horizon

item no.: 1513540
199 € 25% to the of each month

Der Ablauf im Einzelnen:

  1. Choose product: Put the product onto the shopping card and choose hire-purchase as payment method.
  2. Compete application: Complete our online form at the pc (about 5 min) and send the order.
  3. Waiting for decision: We check your application whithin hours (weekdays) and let you know (by email), if we can accept it – normally, when you do not have negative entries at the General Credit Protection Agency and earn over 1,100€ netto, we accept the application!
    A denial is not causing any costs for you.
  4. Pay first installment: Please pay the first installment of 25% and we send your watch immediately after the receipt of payment.

Do you have questions concerning Uhrzeit.org hire-purchases?

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When you order on weekdays in the morning and pay by Paypal, the available products can be send on the same day!

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